TEFL-Teaching English As a Foreign Language Program in China

This program will help you get certified to teach English in China.

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"TEFL in China" training includes two parts: the first part covers TEFL teaching theory and teaching method, such as class design, pronunciation and grammar teaching, oral teaching methods, language faculty teaching methods, Chinese student psychology and learning characteristics, etc.; the second part is to learn laws and regulations for foreign English teachers working in China.

In 2017, Shanghai Overseas Education Exchange Center (SOEEC) which is the only TEFL in China Program training center in Shanghai city authenticated by the State of Administrative of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) has signed strategic cooperation agreement with Xiya Education Consulting. We will work together on the TEFL Program and connect the trainees to schools for teaching opportunities.

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About TEFL

1 . What's "TEFL In China" program?

The "TEFL in China" "training program is organized by the Information Research Center, of the state Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA). The "TEFL in China Certification" is authorized by the department of Cultural and Educational Experts, of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), and is officially recognized throughout China. Upon successful completion of this training and passing the examination, the trainees can obtain the "TEFL in China Certificate" .

2 . Where can I enroll in the TEFL training in Shanghai? How does it benefit me?

Xiya can help you register the "TEFL in China" training program through SOEEC which is the only authorized institute by SAFEA to offer this training program for the "TEFL in China Certificate" in Shanghai.

Trainees registered for the course will benefit a lot from this training including:

  • Teaching English effectively as a foreign language in China
  • Understanding Chinese culture and national conditions
  • Understanding and integrating into Chinese education system
  • Adjusting your own teaching style from the actual Chinese education world
  • Having better chances to teach and get employed in China
  • Enhancing the stability of visa status

3 . What about the training schedule and trainers’ qualification?

First, you shall complete an online course and test, and then you can attend 7-day formal offline training. Offline instructors are composed of three, two American teachers and one Australian teacher. They will teach TEFL professional courses, Chinese laws and regulations and Chinese culture courses.

4 . How much is the training fee?

The training costs 3,000RMB per person. Trainees who complete the online assessment must pay the full tuition fee before they join the face to face course. After making the payment, if trainees can't participate the face to face course, he/she is required to notify the center 30 days before the course starts, and then trainees can have a full-refund. No refund will be given to trainees who inform the center less than 30 days from the start date of the course, however, the trainees can be arranged to attend a future course.

Trainees who fail the examination can have a free make-up examination chance. If he/she requires a pre-test training course, the center can arrange a second one at a cost of 1,000RMB. If trainees fail the free make-up examination, he/she will need to pay 500RMB for a second make-up examination. If a trainee requires a 2nd time pre-test training course, he/she needs to pay another full training fee of 3,000RMB which covers the 3rd make-up examination fee.

5 . How do I register for the TEFL training?

You must meet the following application requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above
  • Native English-speakers or English as official language passport holders
  • Willing to teach and live in China
  • Able to speak Chinese and understand Chinese culture is a plus

If the above requirement describes you, please apply online. After completing the application, please finish the online assessment.

6 . Recommend internship and job opportunities

After you obtain the "TEFL in China" certificate, we will recommend internship and teaching opportunities to you based on your background. To learn more , please check our "Job" page.

Successful Cases

teacher's word

teacher's word

Andrew K, US citizen, has a BA in Philosophy from a university in the states. No teaching experience. Andrew attended the TEFL training and obtained his certificate in Shanghai. Now He is employed at a university in Shanghai as a teaching assistant.

Andrew David King     United States

Major: Philosophy     Degree: Bachelor

teacher's word

teacher's word

teacher's word

Courtney H, US citizen, has a BA in Language and Literature from a university in US. No teaching experience. Courtney obtained her TEFL certificate through our training in Shanghai. She’s now employed at a university in Shanghai as an English teacher.

Courtney A Hemker     United States

Major: Language and Literature     Degree: Bachelor

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